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Warranty Information

Warranty Holding Key

Terry Peterson utilizes a comprehensive web-based software solution named Buildtopia (“BT”) to administer excellent customer service.  Within the customer service module known as BT Service, homeowners can view all warranty information, claims, and work orders online, and follow along through the completion of any service items.  BT Service also allows the homeowner to submit claims as they occur within the home, and our dedicated Customer Relations Manager will respond, collect information, and create the communications necessary to Contractors to get the work accomplished.  An even simpler approach for our customers is to email any claims to our Customer Relations Manager directly.  We strongly encourage and support that communication method as well.  For the first year of homeownership, all home workmanship is guaranteed.  For the second year of ownership, the main systems of the home are guaranteed, such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  For the entire first TEN years of homeownership, Terry Peterson homes are structurally guaranteed.  The provisions of the different warranty levels and timelines are based on National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Residential Construction Performance Guidlines, and you're home comes with a 10-Year Warranty Insurance Program from Maverick.