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Spring tips for your yard

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The weather is getting warmer, the days are longer and we are able to get back outside and enjoy our yards. However, sometimes mother nature needs a little help in preparing our yards for spring. To make sure you get the most out of your outdoor spaces, here are some Spring tips for your yard.


Prep your supplies

During or toward the end of winter take inventory on your supplies and equipment. Take note and start to clean, repair, sharpen or replace things that have seen better seasons. It’s a pain to have to make multiple trips to the home improvement store to replace things when you’re in the middle of yard work.

Plan things out

Things always run smoother when you have a plan. It’s never too early to grab a piece of paper and start mapping out the layout and landscaping blueprint for your yard. Note where certain plants will go, measurements for each area, what supplies you’ll need, etc. Be sure to really research the plants you will use—specifically what care they will need, amount of light needed and if there are any common diseases or pests.

Clean, weed and mend

Before you get to work, prepare a “blank slate.” Remove any weeds and debris from the grass, plants, landscaping, prune all dead and broken branches (best to do at early spring) and re-seed any problematic patches.

Prepare the soil

Visit your local home improvement store or garden center to get a home test kit to determine the pH of your soil. Around 6-7 is appropriate for prolonged growth.

Mow and fertilize the lawn

The first mow is always an exciting time, but try to not over-mow, leaving around 3 inches to stimulate growth and avoid weeds.

Mulch and fertilize trees and plants

Apply mulch around the base of all trees and surrounding all plants. Not only does mulch look nice, but it helps regulate soil temperature, moisture and keeps weeds away. Fertilizing plants for the spring is important to help ensure prolonged growth throughout the entire season.

Draw in mother nature’s helpers

The health of your garden is not just in your hands! Be sure to attract mother nature’s helpers like bees, spiders, birds, frogs and toads that can help keep pesky bugs at bay.

Do you have more spring tips for your yard? Share them with us!


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