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Beat the heat! Energy-saving tips for summertime

Hampton Roads is known for getting hot and humid during the summertime. These high temperatures are not only taxing on us, but on our power bill too! Beat the heat this summer with these simple tips on how to be energy-smart this season.

Be smart with your refrigerator:

Make sure to keep your refrigerator doors closed as much as possible. We know, it’s so easy to stand and gaze into the fridge while making meal decisions—but try to minimize the time that you leave the door open. Also, avoid storing hot items directly in the fridge. Give hot items time to cool completely before placing them in your fridge to avoid making your fridge work harder to regulate its internal temperature. Extra tip; separate hot items into multiple containers for faster cooling!

Use curtains and blinds to keep your home cool:

Rays of sunlight pouring into your home is definitely beautiful, but not the best for your energy bills! Sunlight during the summer months adds extra heat into the home, making your HVAC system work harder to sustain cool indoor temperatures. Use blinds or curtains to block or filter sunlight during the sunniest parts of the day to help keep your home cool at a lower cost. 

Keep your air filters clean:

A dirty air filter causes your system to work harder to circulate air through the home. Not to mention, a dirty filter can lower the air quality of your home. We recommend buying your filters in bulk so that you always have a fresh one on hand.

Avoid using your dryer when possible:

It’s not always the most convenient option, but a beautiful summer day is the perfect time to utilize a good old fashioned clothesline. Drying your clothes outside is not only more energy-efficient, but is also more gentle on your clothing. Avoid direct sunlight (and thus the risk of fading) and also be sure to check the forecast for rain!

Open your windows at night:

In early and late summer we enjoy comfortable, cool nights in Hampton Roads. On nights where the temperatures remain low, turn off your air conditioning, open the windows and let the mother nature do all the work. This will save you money and also bring fresh air into the home.

Run your HVAC system efficiently:

During summer months, try to set your thermostat to as close to the outdoor temperatures as possible that is still cool and comfortable for you and your family. The closer your thermostat is to the outdoor temperature, the less energy needed to run your cooling system. Be mindful to set the temperature a little warmer when you are not home, and then regulate back to your preferred temperature when you are there. Note; upon returning home, avoid setting the temperature super cold in an effort “to cool it down faster.” This could put your system at risk and actually takes more energy/costs more to regulate your home’s temperature.

Do you have any other energy-saving tips for summertime? Share them with us!