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Tips to Declutter Your Home

Tips to declutter your home - Terry Peterson Residential


Are you feeling the effects of cabin fever this season? As the cold weather lingers on we are all getting antsy for warmer weather and outdoor activities. A great way to keep the winter time blues at bay is to spend some time decluttering your home. I’m sure we can all agree that excess clutter in the home can also cause excess stress!


Here are some tips to declutter your home regularly, simply and efficiently:


Take time to declutter once a day

Find time in your schedule to dedicate to decluttering every day—even if it’s only 5 minutes! You may be surprised at how much of an impact you can make in a short amount of time. Pro tip; start in one room and spend about 1-2 minutes decluttering something, then move on to the next room until you work your way throughout the whole house. Perhaps it’s just one room or one space/area per day. However you chose to divvy it up, committing to at least 5 minutes a day is sure to make an impact.


Create a “toss it” and a “keep it” bin

A great way to lower the amount of clutter in your home is to minimize the stuff that you own. Pro tip; set up two storage bins (any size you feel appropriate) in a garage, office, shed or somewhere out of your regular living space. Dedicate one storage bin to items that you will toss  or donate, and the other for items you will keep—but are currently cluttering your home and need to be relocated or stored elsewhere. Avoid letting these bins become unruly by going through them regularly, donating and storing items appropriately.


Get rid of one item per day

It can be challenging to let go of what feels like a cherished object. Oftentimes, however things may feel more important or special simply because you’ve had it for so long! A pro tip for decluttering your home efficiently is to try and get rid of one item per day. If you can’t immediately part with it, at least place it into your “keep it” bin mentioned in our previous tip.


Turn your hangers around

We love this one! Have you ever looked at an item in your closet and thought “I feel like I never wear this, but I do every now and then?” Well this decluttering hack may just make your day. Spend some time organizing your closet, making piles of the things you are ready to get rid of right then and there. Then, once you’ve decluttered put everything back on the hangers, shelves or in the drawers—but backward.


For example, have the end of your hanger hooks face out toward you rather than toward the interior of your closet. Place folded items in drawers with the crease toward the back of the drawer rather than facing out, etc. From there, when you wear something be sure to put it back the correct way and set a reminder on your calendar or in your phone to go through your closet again in a month or so. When you do, you’ll easily be able to see the items you wore and the items you did not.


Do you have more questions or ideas on how to declutter your home? Contact us today!