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Tips For a Stress Free Move

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle. With a proper preparation and a little creativity your next move can be less of a headache, allowing you to focus on the excitement of moving!

Below are a few of our favorite tips for a stress-free move:

Sort your stuff

About 2 months before moving, start making your way from room-to-room to determine what will be kept, sold or thrown out. Amongst the things you plan to keep, sort these belongings based on how they will need to be transferred to your new home. Can the item be packed in a standard box? Will it need extra packing or insurance? Is it an important item that you would prefer to move yourself? Will it require more than one person to move? Do you use it somewhat infrequently—can you pack this item early?

Do your homework on moving companies

Start your research online to find a moving company with a minimum of around 25 quality reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down a short list, reach out and schedule an on-site estimate rather than over the phone. Double check that the company you select is insured, or if they are registered with the Better Business Bureau (not a requirement, but an added bonus for peace of mind).

Measure twice

Be sure to measure all of the dimensions in your new home, or have your realtor help you with this if you’re making a long-distance move. Record doorways (both interior and exterior), windows, room dimensions, etc. so you can better plan your move and where you will be placing your belongings in your new home.

Change your address

Don’t forget all of the places with which you will need to change your address. Often times, you can schedule your change of address in advance. Below are a few important ones to remember:

  • Post office

  • Bank or financial institution

  • Utility companies (you may need to transfer service to a different company)

  • Insurance companies

  • Magazine subscriptions

  • Children's’ schools

  • Healthcare providers

Label everything

Some experts recommend color coding boxes or using a numerical system and then creating a moving legend to help aid you and your movers. Each color or number can represent a particular area of your house where each box will go. Another invaluable tip; make copies of this legend and have them displayed throughout the house for movers the see with ease.

Create a moving binder

A moving binder can be super helpful to keep track of all of your plans, documents, receipts and to-do lists. Things you can keep in your binder include:

  • Categorized list of your belongings, based on how you sorted them our first tip above

  • Details on moving companies

  • Copies of your child’s school transfer records (if applicable)

  • Copies of your change of address form from the post office

  • Measurements of your new home

  • Checklists

  • Loan documents

  • Receipts for any purchases related to your move or your new house

  • Schedules

Still have more questions on how to create a stress free move? Contact one of our professionals today!