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How to Celebrate the Holidays on a Budget

With the holiday season approaching, you may be starting to make your shopping lists. These lists can get out of hand—and pocket—quickly. We’ve put together the following guide with tips to help you stay within your budget this holiday season.


Be realistic and plan early

Oftentimes we make the mistake of setting unrealistic holiday budgets. We have all the intentions of sticking to that low-end, money-saving budget but ultimately blow right past it. Plan early. Map out all of your expenses and ideas for what you intend on spending and then give yourself a little extra padding for unforeseen costs.



Take advantage of online shopping

Not only are there a plethora of online-only sales, but online shopping also saves you time! Rather than dealing with busy parking lots, crowds and commuting you can handle all of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your home. Not to mention, if you are shopping online for multiple gifts from one single vendor you will save money on shipping costs!


Hunt down those coupon codes

You’d be surprised what a quick Google search can yield when it comes to discount codes and printable coupons. We recommend researching each item prior to purchase to ensure there isn’t a coupon available.



Host a gift wrapping or cooking party in lieu of gifts

Do you feel like you have a lot of people on your gift list for the holidays? A great way to pare down this list is to host a gift wrapping or cooking party for your friends in lieu of swapping presents. Sharing memories, laughs and time together is arguably more valuable than any gift you may give.


Check out social media

These days brands are becoming more and more active on social media. Be sure to check out your favorite stores or brands online and follow them for special sales, deals and giveaways around the holidays. A lot of brands offer special contests on social media where you can tag friends or share posts to qualify for prizes.