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The Peacocks at Sajo Farm

Have you met our beautiful welcoming committee at Sajo Farm? 
Sajo Farm Peacock

Visitors and residents are often greeted by the 4 male peacocks that we have unofficially titled the "Sajo Farm welcoming committe." The peacocks belong to the owners of our neighbors at the Sajo Farm Manor, but they love visiting us at Sajo Farm. 
You can spot them strolling around the Sajo Farm community, especially around new construction sites. We're not sure if it's due to the saw dust, but we enjoy watching them "double check" on the day's progress once our crews has left.
They are not afraid of people and one of our residents often feeds them "Fruit Loops!" 
Rumor has it they enjoy GoldFish as well. 
As you drive through the Sajo Farm community, you can see that many of our residents' front port decor reflects their love for the peacocks. 
Make sure to schedule a tour to visit these guys during the warm weather, we don't see them as often in the cold! 

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